Meat the network

The BeachBranche BBQ – where Event Experts ‘meat’ Corporate Clients

It’s an old tradition in the Netherlands – and now it’s becoming international: The BeachBranche BBQ is the summer networking event of the Dutch Event Industry, once a year organized by the NEXTLIVE-sister platform

Meat the network - the BeachBranche BBQ is the leading network and sport event of the Live Communication and Experience Marketing industry in The Netherlands. Once a year, more than 700 event professionals come the beach of The Hague for networking and celebrating the Event industry. 

Last edition, there were no less than 60 beach volleyball teams with corporate clients and event professionals competing for the cup and enjoying the coolest BBQ and party setting with artists and DJs at the beach of The Hague.

The next year the BeachBranche BBQ will become Europe’s largest network-event of the Event Industry, connecting corporate clients and event experts with each other. As an ILEA member you are VIP guest on the BeachBranche BBQ. Come to the Netherlands and be part of the largest beach party of the European Event Industry. 

Monday, July 4th, 2022 the BeachBranche BBQ will take place at Beach Club WIJ in Scheveningen. Want more information? Get in touch with Hans Schriever on the tab ILEA BOARD.

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