ILEA: The Importance of associations in the events industry

Why are associations so important to be a part of?

Over the next 5 years, the meeting and events industry is projected to reach $1,439 billion, almost double it’s worth in 2016 ($752 billion), so it is as important as ever for MICE professions to further their connections and industry knowledge. Associations have been championed as one of the best platforms to grow your career prospects and here is why.

The official definition of an association is “a group of people organized for a joint purpose”. The main purpose of an association is to provide its members with a vast network of fellow professionals to connect with and learn from. Associations offer unparalleled opportunities to meet experts and leaders throughout the year at networking events, educational seminars or meetings. 

In a time where technology dominates the communications we have on a daily basis, it’s important to take time to build face-to-face relationships that in turn will be much more valuable to you and your career. Networking with peers from outside of your employment will provide you with a wider perspective of the industry and the challenges and opportunities within it, so get your business cards ready.

Educational opportunities
As the industry is constantly evolving, it is vital for professionals to be able to adapt to new trends, strategies and technologies to stay on top of their game. The MICE professionals have some of the most stressful jobs in the world but it is important to set aside time in you calendar to further you and your team’s knowledge and insight.

Associations provide personal and professional development opportunities that arms its members with a competitive advantage as they become active, informed members of their industry, whether it is a workshop on the latest event booking system or an update on legislation.

Inspiring talent
Associations are at the forefront of the talent pool for the industry through its links with students, enabling members to inspire and encourage the next generation of event professionals to join the sector, which we all need to do more of. Current industry leaders need to be open and driven to share their experiences and assist in developing the future champions of meetings and events.

At ILEA Europe, our mission is to be “an inclusive and inspiring global community that develops and engages event professionals.” We pride ourselves on offering an invaluable platform to our members and the industry through our events and training opportunities, as well as a championing the highest industry standard. 

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