Digital MasterClass: LIVE.FORWARD

The NEXTLIVE.ACADEMY: Event experts across Europe share their know-how with corporate clients

​NEXTLIVE is Europe’s leading 360° platform for Live-Communication & Experience-Marketing, spanning content, events, and education. Next to an innovative eLearning platform, NEXTLIVE.ACADEMY offers MasterClasses and DeepDives for Corporate Clients on different topics.

As an ILEA member, at NEXTLIVE.ACADEMY you can host digital knowledge sessions on your specific expertise. Share your know-how with corporate clients and other event-experts across Europe. Advertising was yesterday. Inspiring people by sharing your knowledge is the right way to connect yourself with your tomorrow clients and helping other event experts to improve their next live events.

LIVE.CONTACT: the world is changing. And so are we. Live Communication and Experience Marketing are more than just Events. Nowadays, you`ll find Live moments through every department of corporate brands. The sales department uses live moments to let customers experience their products. HR uses live for internal tasks and of course for employer branding. The customer service improves the customer journey by using Experiences. Tthe brand manager uses Live Communication for brand activations and the Marketing manager uses the Live Event as content motor for digital campaigns. 

From Live Communication to Live Contact – Live is everywhere. LIVE.FORWARD si the the Digital MasterClass about the future of Live Communication.


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